British Airport Workers Performs Epic Tribute For Freddie Mercury’s Birthday

photo credit: Heathrow Airport

It’s a Bohemian Baggage Rhapsody!

Not many people know that the great rock icon Freddie Mercury was once a baggage handler at London’s Heathrow Airport almost 50 years ago. And in honor of what would have been the Queen legendary frontman’s 72nd birthday, British Airways and Heathrow Airport have made “Freddie for a Day” celebrations. One of the main attractions for “Freddie for a Day” is a full-on -in-terminal song and dance performance of real baggage handlers to Queen’s “I Want to Break Free.”

These Mercury-inspired moves were choreographed by Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor choreographer Lyndon Lloyd. The bag handlers were even wearing bright yellow jackets and fake Mercury mustaches to complete the iconic look.

Queen songs on arrivals boards and a Queen memorabilia will be displayed next month to further celebrate the Freddie Mercury at the Heathrow Airport.

This performance was also done to help promote upcoming movie Bohemian Rhapsody which chronicles the rockstar’s meteoric rise to fame.

Heathrow Baggage Handlers Perform 'I Want To Break Free' #FFAD

Freddie worked as a Heathrow baggage handler before he joined Queen in 1970. To pay tribute to the legend, British Airways and Heathrow baggage handlers have teamed up with Strictly Come Dancing choreographer to bring the Mercury moves to Terminal 5, in celebration of Freddie’s birthday.#FreddieForADay #FFAD

Posted by Queen on Wednesday, September 5, 2018