Bruce Springsteen Fans Express Concern Over His On-Stage Fall

via CONSEQUENCE / Twitter

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were in the midst of their international tour when an unexpected incident unfolded, leaving fans worried about the iconic musician’s well-being. During their performance at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, Springsteen took a tumble on stage, prompting immediate attention from his bandmates.

The incident was first shared by Consequence’s Twitter page, accompanied by a video capturing the moment. As Springsteen immersed himself in playing “Ghosts,” he attempted to climb the stage steps but was hindered by his guitar, causing him to stumble and fall. The band members swiftly came to his aid, helping him back to his feet. Remarkably, Springsteen appeared undeterred by the mishap and continued the performance, even lightening the mood for concerned fans.

Before diving back into the music, Springsteen addressed the crowd with a touch of humor, exclaiming, “Good night, everybody!” His resilient spirit resonated with the audience, who admired his ability to overcome the stumble and carry on with the show.

This was not the first on-stage incident for The Boss. In an earlier report by TMZ in 2023, another mishap occurred during a performance in Atlanta. While executing one of his signature rock star moves, Springsteen accidentally struck his technician, Kevin Buell, on the head with a flying guitar. Fortunately, Buell did not sustain any serious injuries from the incident.

After ensuring the well-being of his technician, Springsteen lightened the mood with a playful remark, quipping, “One man down.”

The videos below capture both Bruce Springsteen’s on-stage fall in Amsterdam and the guitar accident in Atlanta.

Watch Bruce Springsteen’s fall and guitar accident in the videos below.