Bruce Springsteen Had A Panic Attack Because Of Steven Van Zandt’s Reveal

via Craig Semon / X

Bruce Springsteen, the iconic musician and leader of the E Street Band, nearly experienced a panic attack during a recent concert at Gillette Stadium. The unexpected moment occurred when Springsteen and the band were performing ‘Glory Days’ as part of their encore.

As Springsteen interacted with the crowd, asking if they were ready to head home, his bandmate Steven Van Zandt approached the microphone and dropped a surprising revelation:

“You know, I was born here.”

Springsteen, seemingly taken aback, inquired:

“In Boston?”

Van Zandt clarified:

“Yeah, Watertown!”

This revelation seemed to catch Springsteen off guard, and he promptly informed the audience that Van Zandt is actually from New Jersey. The unexpected turn of events left Springsteen exclaiming, “I’m having a panic attack!” in a humorous manner.

Despite the momentary shock, the band continued their encore with a spirited performance of ‘Born In The USA.’ The amusing incident was captured on video and shared on Twitter by journalist Craig Semon.

Van Zandt had previously mentioned that, although he doesn’t recall much about Watertown, the town has always been “more than welcoming” whenever he has returned.

The unexpected hometown revelation added a humorous twist to the concert and left fans and band members alike in good spirits.

Watch the video below: