Bruce Springsteen’s Guitar Accidentally Hits Technician On the Head

via Michael Casagrande/ Youtube

Bruce Springsteen’s recent concert at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta took an unexpected turn when his guitar accidentally hit his longtime guitar tech, Kevin Buell, on the head. The incident, which occurred during the second date of the E Street Band’s 2023 tour, was captured on video from various angles.

In some clips, the guitar appears to land in a safe area, but one angle shows Buell stumbling as he attempts to catch it, causing it to slip through his hands and hit him on the head. Despite the mishap, Springsteen quickly went to check on his employee before returning to the mic and continuing the show.

Although the incident could have resulted in serious injury, it appears that Buell was unharmed. The video of the incident has since gone viral, prompting many fans to express their concern for Buell’s well-being and admiration for Springsteen’s quick response.

The E Street Band’s 2023 tour, which is in support of their latest album “Letter to You,” is set to continue.

Despite the guitar mishap, Springsteen and the band are sure to deliver many more memorable performances on their tour, and fans will undoubtedly continue to flock to see them in action.

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