Bruno Mars “Fire” Jimi Hendrix Cover- Absolutely Crushed It

YouTube / Fredd Judge

Bruno Slays

One of the most talented current pop artists has to be Bruno Mars, hands down. Dude is not just an entertainer, but a true musician. He can play drums, guitar, piano, and just about anything it seems. We haven’t seen talent like this for a while and it’s so nice to see when a pop star pays tribute to classic rock! He’s done amazing covers before including Led Zeppelin, in which goes off on a “Whole Lotta Love” cover. Not only is he extremely talented, but his band is on another level. It seems like whatever they touch, they absolutely kill it. Pay close attention to his brother on the drums. He’s got CHOPS.

This Is The Original


Let’s also not forget the band and how much energy they bring. Each and every one of those members are professionals. Make no mistake about it. And going back to Bruno. You’ve got to love the way he immerses himself in this song. He gives it his own flavor and just has so much SWAG. You can feel the energy and hear the talent, and it’s probably because they’re actually having fun. Now this is FIRE!!

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