Charlie Puth Talks About The Genius Of Bruce Springsteen In “Hungry Heart”

via The Howard Stern Show / Youtube

On Sirius, Charlie Puth debuted on Howard Stern. Apparently, he was on the phone with Bruce Springsteen just before the interview.

Puth is swiftly establishing himself as the current pop sensation. Although Puth enjoys a pop singer’s fame and success, categorizing him as one would be to grossly undervalue his musical skill, understanding, and depth. Actually, this talk makes me think a lot about my initial interview with John Mayer for the L.A. Years ago, we spent 45 minutes waxing poetic over Eric Clapton and supergroups like Blind Faith.

Puth combines tremendous musical expertise with approachable music, much like Mayer and James Bay do. Like the two of them, Puth is also in a good position to go from the pop world to a career as an artist. The excellent singer/latest songwriter’s album, Charlie, which presents a fresh vulnerability and musical eclecticism, is a significant step in that shift.

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