Classic Rock Bands/Artists We Forgot To Make Famous

These Were Rock N’ Roll Legends, But We Forgot!

Some of these bands were breathtaking but never came close to being popular classic rock bands, and some were unknown legends of rock n’ roll. Some of them have to part ways and build a new group that would later become legends in their own ways. While most just disappeared in the scene and never been heard of them ever again. These are the classic rock bands and artists we forgot to make popular, and if some are famous, we forgot to make them “VERY!”.Check them out below and tell us what you think in the comments section.


Duffy Power

A forgotten Rock N’ Roll British invader and a failed British teen idol in the early 60s. He’s one of the first few artists to record a cover of Beatles song, “I Saw Her Standing There” in 1963. It was a top-notch record, but never got the chance to be heard, he recorded it with blues-rock musicians John McLaughlin, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker.


The Mystic Tide

The so-called “out of the garage” rock bands who never had a regional hit or never even had that. Few released singles in the 60s that were only available to people who saw them play in Long Island suburbs. But the amazing things about this band is they have produced incredible recordings of most ferocious mixtures of garage punk and psychedelia.


Nirvana (1967)

Don’t get confused this is not the Nirvana of Seattle grunge movement in the 90s which is fronted by Kurt Cobain. The Nirvana is a UK-based progressive rock band formed in 1967. And I think only a few of us even remembers who they were. I even doubt it if Cobain ever knew that there was a band from the UK similar to his band’s name in the 60s.


The Misunderstood

The psychedelic group that was inspired by The Yardbirds, a California garage band and later moved to England in 1966 due to the instigation of top British DJ John Peel. They recorded some material that captured the innovations of the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, — having a range of distorted guitar and warped lyrics. If we only never forgot to make them famous, they would still be killing it up to this day. They only broke up because of U.S. authorities back then were trying to draft for the Army.



Critics have considered this band as one of the best from the 60s that never became stars in their own time (except the Velvet Underground). Also considered as one of the best L.A. folk-rock bands, and one of their best psychedelic groups.  Just like Velvet Underground & Nico album, their 1967 LP “Forever Changes” continues to appear on critics acclimation all-time best lists. They were one of the few bands that developed an international underground following, specifically in England, but they failed to become stars because of their unwillingness to tour outside L.A. and their band leader’s drug problems, Arthur Lee.


Savage Rose

The most interesting European rockers outside the British Isles, they were once the most popular band in Denmark in the late 60s and early 70s, they had it all, psychedelia, progressive rock, classical music, and even European fol rock. Frontwoman Annisette voice sounds like Janis Joplin raunchy vocal chops. She will definitely hit your adrenaline going.


Davy Graham

The folk guitarist who had influenced the course of British rock invasions just by being the very first guitarist to blend western, middle eastern, and North African music influences. He once recorded with the godfather of British Blues, Alexis Korner in the early ’60s. And Simon of “Simon & Garfunkel” learned “Angi “from him and he put it on their second album.


Screaming Lord Sutch

Best known as a comic cult rocker and one of the few original English rockers before the Beatles hit the limelight. Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore, and Mitch Mitchell all once played for him before any of them became famous. And now he’s famous, mostly in Britain for running for Parliament numerous times, and he represented “TNTP” stands for, The National Teenage Party, and founded one of the first pirate radio stations in Britain.


The Rising Sons

The term supergroup back then never existed, but The Rising Sons were one of a hell supergroup back then.  L.A. blues-folk-rock group that consisted of good people the likes of Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder, and future members of Spirit and the Byrds. During their existence, they only release a couple of songs, but later on, in the early 1990s, an album’s worth of unreleased material was issued.


The Velvet Underground

They are the most utterly under-appreciated band of their time. One of the few bands that produced innovative sound, creativity, and musicianship. We all know the band did not do well at selling many records, but everyone who bought one started forming their own bands.  And now their debut album The Velvet Underground & Nico got critical acclaim as one of the most influential and best debut albums of all time (and that makes me angry, why didn’t they appreciated their works during their time).


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