Classic Rock Throwback: Ghost’s First Concert Ever Back In 2010 – Watch

via @unohell | YouTube

Ghost’s long-awaited fifth album has finally arrived, to the delight of many and the displeasure of others, because although this material has received harsh criticism from many of its fans who expected something more “dark” or “heavy” ( as with their first two albums), the reality is different. After all, the band, although it does sound very different, will open a new path for them and possibly for the genre.

The Swedes have been on everyone’s lips for some years, for their music, image, performance, and the whole story or “novel” that surrounds the group’s concept.

For this new album, Ghost has presented us with a new character in the voices Papa Emeritus IV has taken the microphone for this new stage, he has been well received by his fans, as the costume changes and the attitude on stage have exceeded expectations.

Like all the band’s albums, they are based on stories of death, reverence for Satanism, religious criticism, and accounts of events that have marked the history of humanity, such as the case of Warning Signs, which is based mainly on recent events and takes up many aspects of today.

Tobias Forge, sued by former members allegedly not having made a “fair division” of earnings. Forge, explains that the band was forever his project and funded a fixed payroll previously consolidated with the other musicians.

Nevertheless, the lawsuit is still ongoing, and now court reports have established that Ghost’s first official concert was delivered at the Hammer of Doom Festival in Germany in 2010.

With that report, Loudwire was able to secure some videos from the band’s performance, after the release of Ghost’s debut album, Opus Eponymous.

Keep going for the videos below: