Conan O’ Brien Loves Led Zeppelin – Hilarious Bit!

via Henri / Youtube

Led Zeppelin: one of the best rock bands in all history; and probably Conan O’ Brien will dare to say that the best rock band in all history …

In few bands, we have four virtuosos being excellent, each one, in their instrument. Robert Plant’s high-pitched, hoarse, heartbreaking voice; the innovative guitar that knows how to play with simple riffs or complex arpeggios, the innovative sound of the Les Paul with Jimmy Page’s cello bow. The marked basslines of John Paul Jones and the bodily intensity of John Bonham on the verge of breaking his drums – all these are the major reasons why almost everybody loves Led Zeppelin, including TV personalities.

Beyond the stereotypical Rock n ‘Roll and its erotic and sensual massages in music, the band managed to transcend with diverse successes.

The video below is definitely exactly what the title of this post says, Conan O’ Brien, being hilarious singing Whole Lotta Love.

Keep going for the video below: