Courtney Love Once Tried To Kill Who?

IMG via US Weekly

Wait, What Now?

Back then, when Kurt Cobain took his own life, there are so many conspiracy theorists and quite a lot of people who claimed and believe that he was murdered and his suicide was staged.

And now a recent issue just landed in, Isaiah Silva (ex-husband of Frances Bean Cobain) is reportedly suing Courtney Love, according to the popular celebrity gossip website, TMZ. Silva claims Love “entered into a conspiracy with several people to break into his home, beat him up, kidnap him and try to murder him so they could gain possession of Kurt Cobain’s legendary guitar.” The “guitar” that is the famous acoustic guitar of Kurt Cobain which he played at Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged.

According to TMZ, Silva’s lawsuit claims that on June 3, 2016, “Sam Lutfi (a former manager of Britney Spears) and two unidentified men burglarized, robbed, assaulted, sexually battered, kidnapped and attempted to murder him at his West Hollywood Home.” He says they were able to enter his home by posing as police officers. Silva added that Lutfi grabbed his genitals, called him a homophobic slur and threatened to rape him. During that incident, both he and his mother were injured. Silva also claims that Lutfi was the supplier of drugs for both Love and Cobain.

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He claimed as well that the guitar was given to him by his ex-wife Frances Bean as a wedding present, which of course, she denied, and calls it a “priceless family heirloom.” Their divorce was settled last November 2017, and it was just a few weeks ago that Cobain gave up her claim on the acoustic guitar, in a condition of no spousal support. They were married in 2014, and she filed their divorce less than two years later.