Current Aerosmith Touring Drummer Reveals Why Joey Kramer Quit

via Jeremy White / Youtube

Aerosmith’s current touring drummer, John Douglas, recently shed light on the reasons behind original drummer Joey Kramer’s departure from the band during an interview with Jeremy White. Kramer’s decision to step away from touring with Aerosmith last year left fans curious about the circumstances surrounding his hiatus.

According to the band’s official statement, Kramer took a break to focus on his family, and it was described as a temporary leave of absence.

During his absence, the band enlisted their drum technician to fill in as the touring drummer.

However, John Douglas, who has been filling Kramer’s shoes on tour, revealed the deeper reasons behind the drummer’s departure. He explained:

“Originally, he got injured the night before the show in Vegas, this was back in 2019. So that’s what started it, and then he had some, his wife Linda passed away suddenly and tragically last year. So there’s just the decision he had to make it wasn’t easy.”

This revelation sheds light on the challenging personal circumstances that led to Kramer’s temporary hiatus from the band.


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Aerosmith is currently on their farewell tour, and Douglas expressed his mixed feelings about it. While he’s honored to be playing with the band, he also feels a sense of selfishness, as he’d love to continue performing with them for an extended period. He shared his perspective, saying:

“Well, for me, I hope so. Because when they announced the farewell tour, I’m like, ‘Farewell? Man, I just got here!’ So, selfishly as the guy honored to be playing with him, I would love to go much, much longer.”

Douglas also expressed his desire as a fan for classic bands like Aerosmith to continue performing, comparing their farewell tours to that of The Eagles, which has been ongoing for an extended period.

Joey Kramer’s journey with the band has seen its share of challenges. In 2019, he faced minor shoulder injuries of unknown cause, which led him to take a temporary break. Upon wanting to rejoin the band shortly after, a lawsuit was filed when the band did not allow him to return. However, they eventually resolved their differences, and Kramer returned to Aerosmith.

Unfortunately, his next leave from the band was prompted by the tragic passing of his wife, further extending his hiatus. As of now, it remains uncertain when or if Joey Kramer will return to the Aerosmith lineup.

The details surrounding Kramer’s departure shine a light on the personal hardships that can affect even the most legendary of rock musicians, highlighting the importance of understanding and compassion during challenging times.

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