Dave Grohl Has A Mystery Project

Brandi Carlile & Dave Grohl - Let It Be. Via Youtube | Chrissy

Something New?

Earlier this month, Dave Grohl visited the street of Seattle and busked with Brandi Carlile. Of course, busking has always been a Dave Grohl, but there’s just a little hidden element to this recent one,  and this is according to Carlile. We all know that Foo Fighters are taking a break (they deserve it), Dave has something going on and reportedly working on a mystery project and recently asked Brandi Carlile to join him.

Recently, Grohl and Carlile teamed up to busk outside of Seattle’s famed Pike Place Market, and they performed Foo Fighters’ “Times Like These” and The Beatles’ “Let It Be.”

“One of the most surreal moments of my life.”

-Brandi Carlile

That’s a start…

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Carlile shared that she’s working with Grohl on a project:

“I don’t totally want to give it away, but he came out to my house to talk to me about something he’s working on. It’s more like one of his doc-series,” Carlile says. “We hung out and rode four-wheelers around my house all day, cooked dinner and did shots of tequila – just had a great time.”

They also spent some time driving around Seattle, looking back and reminiscing the earlier years of their careers.

“We talked about and went to a few key places that were important in both of our lives, and places he used to hang out with Kurt [Cobain] and the guys,” Carlile adds. “We have the same guitar tech that Nirvana used, Ernie Bailey. We talked about some of their scallywag shenanigans. Then we went to some restaurants and bars I used to play and busk at.”

What’s Dave Grohl’s up to? While Foo Fighters are taking a big break, Grohl surely has a big chunk of time on his hands to work on something that can surprise the fans.

All we can do is stay tuned and see what would happen.

But while we’re at it, keep going for the video below, and watch their cover of Let It Be by The Beatles, busking the street of Seattle: