Dave Mustaine Pays Tribute To Lee Rauch

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The music world mourns the loss of Lee Rauch, former drummer of the iconic metal band MEGADETH, who passed away at the age of 58. Rauch’s contributions to MEGADETH’s early years and his involvement in shaping the band’s sound will forever be remembered. Dave Mustaine, frontman of MEGADETH, took to social media to pay tribute to his former bandmate, reflecting on their shared musical journey and expressing his heartfelt condolences.

Lee Rauch: An Early MEGADETH Drummer

Dave Mustaine shared an early photograph of Lee Rauch seated behind his drum kit, accompanied by a touching message acknowledging their time together. Mustaine stated:

“One of MEGADETH’s very first drummers, Lee Rauch, has passed away. He played on the recording of our ‘Last Rites’ demo tape in early 1984, and I can remember the good times during our rehearsals at Curly Joe’s studio in LA. Farewell, my friend, till we meet again someday.”


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A Life of Faith and Music

Lee Rauch’s brother, Chris Rauch, shared the news of his passing and paid tribute to his brother’s remarkable journey. Chris Rauch expressed:

“Lee was a very strong man of faith, so I know he is with God now. He was an Awesome drummer, who helped launch one of the biggest metal names in history by being the first drummer for MEGADETH, playing alongside Dave Mustaine, Kerry King, and David Ellefson.”

Remembering Lee Rauch

In a 2004 interview with Bob Nalbandian, Dave Mustaine shed some light on Rauch’s departure from MEGADETH. Mustaine recounted:

“He wasn’t necessarily an original [MEGADETH] drummer. He was a guy that we really liked, and then one day sitting on the steps of Billy Cordero’s house when David Ellefson and I were squatting…we just kind of met this kid, went to his house and filtrated his bedroom and never left for a couple months.” Mustaine continued, “Lee was telling us how he had given his soul to Satan… And I asked him, ‘So, who was the priest?’ And he said, ‘My priest was a guy named David.’ I was like…’I’m out of here!'”

A Musical Journey Cut Short

Lee Rauch’s tenure with MEGADETH in 1984 showcased his skill and potential as a drummer. Mustaine reminisced:

“He played on the recording of our ‘Last Rites’ demo tape in early 1984, and we just finished it up.” However, conflicts arose, and Rauch’s interest in black magic led to his departure. Mustaine added, “We just kind of found out some dark stuff about Lee, and it was like, ‘You’re out.'”

A Lasting Tribute

The passing of Lee Rauch leaves a void in the hearts of those who knew him. Dave Mustaine’s heartfelt tribute serves as a testament to the bond they shared during their formative years as musicians. Mustaine concluded his tribute by saying:

“Farewell, my friend, till we meet again someday.”