Dee Snider Reveals He’s A “Mental Case” Because of Touring

via Kenny Aronoff / Youtube

Dee Snider, the iconic frontman of Twisted Sister, recently opened up about the challenges and pressures he faced during his extensive touring days. In a candid interview with drummer Kenny Aronoff, Snider reflected on the toll touring took on his mental health and the demands he shouldered as a songwriter and creative force within the band. While he no longer tours extensively with Twisted Sister, Snider continues to find fulfillment through occasional live performances with the supergroup Kings of Chaos and various other projects.

“I would be a mental case. When it came to touring, it was such a grind,” he said. “And people, I’m not complaining. It’s a grind I chose. But still, night after night after night, you’ve got to keep your stuff together.”

The Mental Grind of Touring

During the interview, Snider openly admitted that he doesn’t miss the rigorous touring lifestyle that Twisted Sister once embraced. He described the constant grind of night-after-night performances as mentally exhausting. Despite acknowledging that touring was a choice he made, Snider emphasized the pressure to consistently deliver on stage, keeping everything together.

Creative Responsibilities

Snider further highlighted his extensive creative responsibilities within Twisted Sister. As the songwriter and the driving force behind the band’s ideas, he shouldered the weight of crafting the songs and directing the band’s music videos. These additional responsibilities added to the demanding nature of the touring lifestyle, contributing to the mental strain Snider experienced during those years.

“I wrote all the songs. I created all the ideas. The videos were all mine.”

Transition to Occasional Performances

Since Twisted Sister’s farewell tour in 2016, Snider has shifted his focus to occasional performances with the supergroup Kings of Chaos. This arrangement allows him to enjoy live performances without the same level of pressure and rigorous schedule that came with being on the road with Twisted Sister. Snider expressed his enthusiasm for these gigs, describing them as fun and stress-free opportunities to rock out alongside other talented musicians.

“With the Kings of Chaos, we play on occasion. So it doesn’t have that pressure of, ‘Gotta save your voice for the next show. We’ve got six shows in front of us, you gotta keep it [together].’ It’s like, ‘Yay, let’s have fun, rock out,'” Snider explained. “I get to do things like Kings of Chaos. We get to do gigs with some really cool people and play in front of hundreds and thousands of people sometimes. And we have fun. I don’t need to be up there every single night now.”

Exploring Diverse Ventures

When not engaged in live performances, Snider keeps himself busy with various projects. He has ventured into Broadway, pursued extensive voiceover work, and even made a memorable appearance on the reality show The Masked Singer. Recently, Snider released his first fictional novel titled Frats, adding yet another creative outlet to his repertoire.