Dee Snider Reveals Why He Ended Twisted Sister

via Loudwire / Youtube

Dee Snider, the charismatic frontman of Twisted Sister, recently opened up about his decision to end his career and live performances. In a candid interview with CBC Listen, he shared his sentiments about the band’s legacy and the impulsive nature of his electrifying stage performances. While Snider admitted missing the carefree abandon of his live shows, he also acknowledged the toll it took on his body, leading to the band’s final farewell.

Nostalgia for the Reckless Abandonment of Live Performances

When asked if he missed being a part of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider revealed that what he truly missed was the unrestrained energy of his live performances. After Twisted Sister, Snider pursued a solo career, but even that chapter has come to a close. He fondly recalled the spontaneity and childlike joy of his stage acts, stating,

“They weren’t thought out; they were the most childlike thing, my last touch with childhood.”

The impulsive nature of his performances allowed him to express himself freely, immersing himself in the raw energy of the moment.

 A Frantic Craziness on Stage

Dee Snider further elaborated on the nature of his live performances, emphasizing that they were born out of spur-of-the-moment decisions. He explained,

“For my performances, I would just say, ‘I’m going to fall on the ground now,’ and I would just fall on the ground.”

His uninhibited creativity allowed him to connect with the audience on a profound level, providing an exhilarating experience for both him and his fans. The freedom to act on instinct and let ideas flow organically was a hallmark of Twisted Sister’s electrifying live shows.

The Toll on Body and Health

While Dee Snider cherishes the memories of his Twisted Sister days, he acknowledges the physical toll that his performances took on his body. The constant strain and physicality of his shows led to multiple surgeries over the years. He shared,

“I stopped because nobody beats gravity; I’ve got throat, shoulder, knee, and neck surgery. I mean, I’ve had so many surgeries I was able to play and not think about it, but now I got issues.”

The toll on his health ultimately led to the band’s farewell tour, marking the end of an era in the history of rock music.