Dee Snider Shares Details Of His New Horror Movie “My Enemy’s Enemy”

via The SDR Show/ Youtube

Renowned musician and Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider is stepping into the realm of horror movies with his upcoming film “My Enemy’s Enemy.” However, Snider recently revealed that the project has been impacted by the ongoing 2023 Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Despite the setback, Snider remains passionate about the film’s potential to push boundaries and create a thrilling cinematic experience.

The WGA Strike’s Influence on “My Enemy’s Enemy”

The ongoing WGA strike, involving over 11,500 film and television writers, has disrupted numerous productions and caused late-night talk shows and other scripted programs to go off the air. Unfortunately, Dee Snider’s film project has also felt the effects of this industry-wide labor dispute. Snider shared his frustration during an appearance on The SDR Show, explaining that the strike has hindered the progress of “My Enemy’s Enemy” and the entire filmmaking process. He expressed hope that the situation would soon be resolved, as actors may also join the strike.

The Journey of “My Enemy’s Enemy”

Dee Snider first unveiled “My Enemy’s Enemy” three years ago, revealing that it draws inspiration from a real-life crime spree that occurred in his hometown of Long Island, New York, in 1982. The film aims to explore the concept of joining forces with enemies to combat a greater evil. Snider’s intention is to take a harrowing true story and infuse it with elements of fantasy, introducing a character akin to Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees. By delving into the depths of human nature and the blurred lines between enemies and allies, Snider hopes to deliver a powerfully disturbing cinematic experience.

Navigating the Challenges of Filmmaking

Dee Snider’s journey as a writer and director has been marked by various challenges. Originally scheduled to begin filming last year, the project faced delays and setbacks, common in the complex world of filmmaking. Snider reflects on the intricacies of the industry, acknowledging the slow pace at which projects come to fruition.

“I don’t get the industry. Somebody — I think maybe [Steven] Spielberg — said, ‘It’s amazing any movies ever get made.’ It’s just such a process,” Snider remarked during the interview. Nevertheless, Snider remains dedicated to his vision and embraces the opportunity to create without being in the spotlight as a singer or actor. “I really like that part of not being onstage, not being in front of the camera, not being out in front, just being the creative force behind because it’s so liberating to me,” he added.

Dee Snider: Rock Star Turned Horror Writer/Director

Dee Snider’s venture into the world of horror cinema has garnered attention from influential figures in the film industry. Snider shared that some powerful people in Hollywood view him as “the next Rob Zombie, the rock star-turned-horror writer/director/creator.” Their support and funding have fueled Snider’s enthusiasm for his new role. He sees himself as a malleable creative force capable of writing characters from diverse backgrounds and identities.

“As long as I can create it on the page and an actor/actress can represent it convincingly, I can be anybody,” Snider explained. This creative freedom enables him to explore various themes and storytelling possibilities within the horror genre.