Dee Snider Still Takes Jabs At Vince Neil’s Intelligence

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Feuds and banter among musicians are not uncommon. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider has been playfully teasing Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil, focusing not on musical prowess but on a different kind of skill – intelligence. In a recent appearance on the Wild Ride! With Steve-O podcast, Snider revisited his past criticisms, adding another layer to his playful jabs at Neil.

The PMRC Testimony

Snider reminisced about his testimony in 1985 against the PMRC’s censorship efforts, highlighting how he surprised politicians with a well-argued stance. Reflecting on the lyrics of “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” he stated:

“If they had done their homework and gotten past the picture and the popularity. If they’d looked at the lyrics, I used four-syllable lyrics in ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It.’ I mean, nobody uses – ‘trite and jaded, boring and confiscated.’ I mean, that’s not rock lyrics; that’s the Declaration of Independence, for God’s sake! And so they did not vet me, and they got what they deserved.”


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Comparison With Vince Neil

Taking a playful jab at Vince Neil, Snider remarked:

“If they had gotten a Vince Neil, that’s who they wanted. They wanted someone to get up and go ‘Blblblblb.’”

Previous Remarks by Snider

This is not the first time Snider has mentioned Neil’s communication style. During an interview with Fortune in June 2023, Snider emphasized the disparity, stating:

“I’m not Vince Neil. I’m the guy you saw in Washington [defending heavy metal against PMRC’s allegations], a guy who can put together a sentence and express himself.”


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Neil’s Infamous Car Accident

The banter extends beyond intelligence to Neil’s infamous car accident in 1984, where Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle lost his life. In a 2016 interview with Yahoo Music, Snider expressed his disbelief at the public’s reaction, stating:

“Vince Neil could go and literally kill someone in a car accident. There were two other women who were in a van who was permanently crippled from that famous car accident that killed Razzle from Hanoi Rocks. And people are cool with that. They’re like, ‘Yeah, all right! Rock’ n’ roll!’ And the guy didn’t do any serious jail time. I’m like, really? Really?! He’s a murderer! I don’t get that at all.”

Dee Snider’s ongoing light-hearted banter with Vince Neil adds a unique touch to the dynamic world of rock feuds. While the focus is on intelligence, the banter also delves into past controversies, creating an interesting narrative in the realm of rock and heavy metal.