Def Leppard Found Previously Lost Tracks From Their Debut Album

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In a surprising revelation, Def Leppard has uncovered long-lost material recorded for their debut album, challenging the belief that these tracks had been permanently lost. Drummer Rick Allen shared this exciting news during a recent appearance on the Jeremy White Show podcast.

Shedding light on the band’s ongoing journey of rediscovery.

“For instance, our first record, we thought that the tapes had been destroyed, but it turns out that they exist,” Allen disclosed. “So we were able to pull some versions and some songs that have never been heard from those tapes, which is fantastic.”

The drummer didn’t delve into specifics about the unearthed material or provide insights into how it might be released in the future. However, he did drop a tantalizing hint, saying,

“There’s always room for another box set,” suggesting that these rare gems could find their way into a future Def Leppard collection.

Def Leppard’s debut album, “On Through the Night,” made its mark on the music scene when it was released on March 14, 1980. This album played a pivotal role in establishing the band as rising stars in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.


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The album garnered predominantly favorable reviews and produced three singles: “Wasted,” “Hello America,” and “Rock Brigade.” While the commercial success of “On Through the Night” may not have reached the heights of Def Leppard’s later releases, it laid a solid foundation for the band’s future triumphs. The album peaked at No. 51 on the U.S. Billboard album chart and climbed to No. 15 in the U.K.

Def Leppard previously treated fans to a remastered version of “On Through the Night” as part of the Early Years box set.

This comprehensive collection included not only the album but also B-sides, rarities, BBC Radio One sessions, and a live 1980 concert recorded in Oxford, England.

As Def Leppard continues to unveil hidden treasures from their musical vault, fans eagerly await the possibility of experiencing these lost tracks, anticipating another exciting chapter in the band’s storied career.

“We keep uncovering new stuff all the time,” Allen revealed, ensuring that the journey of rediscovery for Def Leppard and their fans is far from over.