Discover Dolly Parton’s 10 Favorite Love Songs

via TheEllenShow / Youtube

Dolly Parton has been a beloved country music icon for decades, known for her songwriting prowess, her angelic voice, and her larger-than-life personality. Parton’s ability to craft beautiful and heart-wrenching love songs have helped solidify her place in music history.

Dolly Parton’s 10 favorite love songs represent the best of her songwriting talent, as well as her ability to convey the complexities of love through her music. From the soaring ballads to the playful tunes, each song on this list speaks to the power of love to transform and inspire.


“From Here to the Moon and Back” (2012)

This song, which Parton wrote for the movie “Joyful Noise,” is one of her most recent favorites. The sweet ballad speaks of a love that is so strong, it could travel all the way to the moon and back.


“I Will Always Love You” (1974)

Perhaps Parton’s most famous love song, “I Will Always Love You” has been covered by countless artists, most famously by Whitney Houston in the 1992 film “The Bodyguard.” Parton wrote the song as a goodbye to her professional partner and mentor, Porter Wagoner.


“Love Is Like a Butterfly” (1974)

This whimsical and charming song, also from 1974, likens falling in love to the delicate and unpredictable movements of a butterfly. The song is upbeat and optimistic, showcasing Parton’s sunny outlook on love.


“Head Over High Heels” (2016)

One of Parton’s more recent releases, “Head Over High Heels” is a playful and infectious song about falling head over heels in love. The song features Parton’s signature twang and upbeat instrumentation.


“It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right” (1977)

This soulful ballad, released in 1977, tells the story of a forbidden love affair. Parton’s powerful voice conveys the pain and longing of a love that shouldn’t be, but is impossible to resist.


“Say Forever You’ll Be Mine” (1975)

This romantic ballad, released in 1975, features lush instrumentation and Parton’s sweet vocals. The song speaks of a love that is meant to last a lifetime, a sentiment that has become a hallmark of Parton’s love songs.


“You’re the Only One” (1979)

Released in 1979, “You’re the Only One” is a classic country love song with a catchy melody and relatable lyrics. The song is about finding true love after years of searching and is a favorite of Parton’s fans.


“Islands in the Stream”

This duet with Kenny Rogers is one of Parton’s most beloved songs. The song, which features a catchy melody and infectious chorus, tells the story of a love that is as enduring as the ebb and flow of the tide.


“Pure & Simple”

The title track from Parton’s 2016 album, “Pure & Simple” is a tender and heartfelt love song that showcases Parton’s voice at its best. The song is about finding love that is pure, simple, and true.


“Here You Come Again” (1977)

“Here You Come Again” is a classic love song about a person who keeps coming back into the narrator’s life, no matter how much they try to resist. It’s a catchy tune with a timeless message about the persistence of love. The power of love to overcome even the most stubborn hearts. Parton’s vocals are playful and flirtatious, making this song a favorite of fans around the world.