Dolly Parton Covers ‘Me And Bobby McGee’ Live

Youtube / Golden Oldies Volume 2

‘Me and Bobby McGee’ is one of the most classic songs in the history of country music. And the popular version that people recognize most is the one from Janis Joplin.

But ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ was recorded originally by country icon, Roger Miller and his version reached No. 12 on the country chart.

Janis Joplin may have been the reason why the song became popular, ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ still remains a country staple.

In 2005, Dolly Parton made her own version which she included on her album ‘Those Were The Days’. And her version has a different kind of twist and taste. She transformed the song into a new different kind of vibes and style.

You can listen and watch Dolly Parton Cover ‘Me And Bobby McGee’ Bluegrass Style below: