Don Dokken Blames Metallica For Their 1989 Split

via The Classic Rock Show / Youtube

In a recent interview on the Battleline Podcast, Don Dokken, the lead singer of the band Dokken, shared his perspective on the band’s temporary breakup in 1989. While various reasons have been cited for the tensions within the band, Don Dokken pointed towards Metallica’s influence as a significant factor in their split.

According to Don Dokken, the band’s participation in the 1988 “Monsters of Rock” tour, where they shared the stage with Metallica, played a pivotal role.

During the tour, Metallica exhibited an unmatched level of energy and determination, leaving a lasting impact on Dokken.

“That was a tough tour because Metallica came onstage every day with this attitude like, do or die. They just gave it 100 percent, 110 percent. They were kicking ass,” Don recalled.

Metallica’s unwavering dedication and powerhouse performances, even in challenging conditions, left a deep impression on Dokken and the band members.

Don Dokken acknowledged the contrast between Metallica’s intensity and Dokken’s straightforward rock ‘n’ roll style, especially during their performances on the tour.

He expressed his respect for Metallica’s work ethic and their mindset, emphasizing that Metallica approached every show as if it were their last.

While Dokken had the opportunity to tour alongside Metallica, Don Dokken admitted that witnessing Metallica’s exceptional performances might have contributed to the strain within Dokken. He suggested that Metallica’s relentless drive on stage influenced the dynamics within the band, possibly leading to the eventual breakup.

This perspective sheds new light on the challenges faced by Dokken during the tour, revealing the impact of Metallica’s unparalleled dedication on their fellow musicians.

As the band members navigated the complexities of touring alongside one of the most formidable acts in the industry, tensions arose, ultimately leading to Dokken’s temporary split in 1989.

While Don Dokken’s insights offer a unique angle on the band’s history, it’s essential to recognize that the dynamics within musical groups are multifaceted. The interplay of personalities, artistic differences, and external influences often contributes to the intricate tapestry of band dynamics, making each story within the music industry both unique and compelling.

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