Dude Playing Ukulele Sings In Front of His Idol And Doesn’t Even Know It

Youtube / Stu Brooks

“Do You Know Who Wrote That Song?”

So you’re playing ukulele and singing one of your favorite songs in a coffee shop for people and there’s a tall dude who has a freaking good voice. He also knows all the lyrics and sings along with ya during the song. But you’re in the zone, there’s someone filming you and you’re putting your best foot forward. Then you go to greet the fellow who was singing with you, and he goes “do you know who wrote that song?….me.”

That’s basically what happened to Clint Alama in a coffee shop in Hawaii. As he was singing “One Day” by Matisyahu…there he was singing along…none other than Matisyahu himself. Okay, okay if he was such a big fan how come he didn’t know? Well Matisyahu looks WAY different here as he used to be an Orthodox Jew with a full on beard, hat, and curly sideburns. That’s the look he had at the peak of his career. The Jewish days are gone now and Matis looks much different.