Early Version of “Landslide” Resurfaces- 3 Differences That Are Obvious

So while looking around the web we came across what seems to be a very early version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’. Of course as you know this would go on to be one of their biggest songs ever. But there’s just 3 differences…well, go ahead and take a listen first….

The problem is, it does sound much like the final cut but here’s what we noticed…

  • Stevie Nicks vocals in this cut sound a little more raspy and raw
  • Single acoustic guitar traffic
  • Percussion

Not the biggest differences in the world, but just a bit. Enough so that the hardcore fans might realize a few things sound a little, “different”. Always interesting to see the 1st versions of songs. Most of the time they have to go quite a few tries before they get it “right”.