Ellen Isn’t Your Ordinary 9 Year Old: Watch Her Play ‘Tom Sawyer’ On Bass

via EllenPlaysBass / Youtube

At just 9 years old, Ellen Alaverdyan is already over her age when it comes to playing bass.

The kid is phenomenal and has been making noise in line with her incredible performances. In her latest video, Ellen used the Tech 21 with New York City’s Geddy Lee Signature pedal to pay tribute to the rock giants Rush. Keep going for the video below:

“Moving Pictures” is a key album by the Canadian trio Rush in their transition between the progressive rock of the 70s and the hard rock of the 80s, the two sounds merging brilliantly in this album co-produced between the group and Terry Brown. Rush’s eighth album opens with the memorable “Tom Sawyer,” Neil Peart’s use of Mark Twain’s literary character to create a modern rebel, a warrior.

“… Catch the mystery, catch the myth, catch the spirit…”

The development of the piece is wonderful, with rhythmic variants and arrangements of funk, jazz, space rock strokes, emotional Geddy Lee with falsetto, and incredible basslines. The prog-rock instrumental synergy is fantastic, with guitar solos, synthesizer …