Elton John Struggles To Read Own Memoir From Audiobook Recording

via @ fanpage_eltonjohn | Instagram

The typically calm Elton John published an engaging video of him struggling to get into a sentence while narrating the new chapter he penned for the paperback version of his autobiography, Me.

The chapter uncovers John describing the past few years of his life, incorporating his biopic Rocketman and extensive farewell tour. The part he reads in the blooper clip looks to be a dispatch of the trek: During a January 2019 show in Australia that was suddenly called off due to heavy rain, which, of course, was a blessing somewhat for the country that time who were devastated by bushfires.

“Rain was still viewed as Australia’s savior,” John recalls. “A ruined evening was a small price to pay for the good it had done. In the dressing room, I sat in my underpants — they were soaking, too — and started laughing.” At this point, the reading goes off the rails as John continues, “It wasn’t just the sheer preposterousness,” but struggles to clear the hurdle that is “preposterousness.”

In just a minute or so of the performer struggling to take out the five-syllable word follows, peppered with loads of cursing. Even when John does hit it about midway through, the immediate prelude of the narrow “precedent” a several words later is enough to fully throw him off repeatedly.

“I’d love to say I read it all in one take, but even I don’t always get it right first time!” John tweeted accompanying the clip.

The paperback version of Me will be published Tuesday, October 13th. John provided some narrative of the original audiobook version, which was originally read by Rocketman star Taron Egerton.