Elvis Presley’s Ex-Fiancée Denies Rumors About His Death

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Ginger Alden, the former fiancée of Elvis Presley, has recently refuted the rumors surrounding the singer’s death. Alden strongly criticized David Stanley, Elvis’ brother, for asserting that Elvis took his own life. According to Alden, Stanley’s claims are unfounded and she expressed her disagreement with his narrative.

“Unfortunately, Elvis’ step-brothers have changed stories and even fabricated some tales I know to be false over the years. One brother [of the three] later created a complete garbage story about suicide years back, and it looks like he resurfaced with it again.”

Controversial Claims in “Elvis’ Women” Documentary: Brother Alleges Medications Caused Elvis’ Death

In the Amazon Prime documentary “Elvis’ Women,” the brother made the claim that Elvis’ death was a result of the medications he took. His statement in the documentary reads as follows:

“He premeditated taking the medications that killed him. Love, hurt, pain, exposure — he just couldn’t take it anymore.”

Stanley additionally asserted that his brother, Elvis, was unable to continue due to the potential exposure of his alleged relationships with teenage girls in a forthcoming book. Expressing his disgust, Stanley explained that the revelation deeply troubled him.

“His taste for young girls, aged 15 or 16, made me sick. I told him that it’s a miracle he didn’t get busted. He got away with things most people didn’t, because of his money, fortune, fame and power, charisma, and magnetism. Elvis could talk the socks off you.”

Women Speak Out and Stanley Denies Claims in Controversial Elvis Documentary

In the contentious documentary, several women have come forward, asserting that they were targeted by Elvis Presley when they were underage. Their testimonies shed light on a potentially dark side of the legendary singer’s personal life, adding to the ongoing fascination with his relationships.

“This is pure bullsh*t! I never said that and anyone who believes I would say such a horrible thing is a fool. The media world can be a very dirty place. It will make up all kinds of trash just to sell it product.”

The Statement Went On:

“My family has been dealing with trash media from the time we moved into Graceland in 1960. But this recent headline has gone way too far. I don’t know how to stop their bullsh*t but I will be speaking to [my] attorney this week hope this sh*t challenged.”

Stanley, following the deletion of his post, published an apologetic message, acknowledging that there was “no excuse” for his earlier claim. In his post, he expressed remorse for his comments, recognizing the gravity of the situation and taking full responsibility for his actions.

“I am sorry for the derogatory comments I made in a documentary about Elvis that was filmed last year. There is no excuse for my comments and I can fully understand why you would be angered.”

“I love and will always love Elvis and being part of his family. He is more than worthy of the love you have for him. He loved you. I love you and all I can ask of you is for you to forgive me for my irresponsible actions.”

Elvis Presley, often haild as the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll, tragically passed away at the age of 42, just a few months before his planned wedding with Ginger Alden. Following his untimely demise, Alden authored a book titled “Elvis & Ginger,” in which she recounted her experiences and relationship with Presley. In her book, Alden emphasized that there were no indications of suicide or any specific factors pointing towards such a conclusion regarding Elvis’ passing.