Elvis Presley’s Last Film

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The King Was Indeed Always The King Til’ The Very End

One thing for sure, Elvis Presley was surely a movie star and this is something we often forget about him. 

In his 13 years between his first role in 1956’s Love Me Tender and his final one in 1969’s Change of Habit – Elvis had starred over 31 films, making two or three a year.

Watch Change of Habit Trailer Below:


He became a movie star with the help of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker after he retreat from performing, and became his smashing success on the film industry. All of his movies were always profitable due to the fact that he had a massive following, and some of these films were great and worth watching. 

However, his final film called, Change of Habit signaled the end of his movie career as he refocused back to creating music. The movie was released in November 1969 and would be his last film.