Erik Grönwall Of Skid Row Covers “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden

via Erik Grönwall / Youtube

Erik Grönwall, the talented frontman of Skid Row, has unleashed his rock prowess with a sensational cover of the Iron Maiden classic “The Trooper.” Produced by Jona Tee and featuring a captivating guitar solo from Philip Näslund, the rendition showcases Grönwall’s versatility and passion for iconic rock anthems. As Skid Row’s newest addition, Erik Grönwall has been making waves since joining the band last year, and he recently shared his thoughts on being accepted by the diverse array of Skid Row fans.

Erik Grönwall: Embracing the Skid Row Legacy

With his recent recording debut on Skid Row’s studio album, “The Gang’s All Here,” Erik Grönwall has been welcomed into the band’s legendary fold. In a candid conversation with The Rock N’ Roll & Coffee Show, Grönwall shares his thoughts on the dynamic fan base and their reactions to his presence in the group. He acknowledges the varied responses from fans, ranging from those who reminisce about former frontman Sebastian Bach to those who wholeheartedly embrace the current lineup.

Grönwall says:

“There’s so many different types of fans. I’ve realized that… ‘Cause when we did the show in California, [some] people came up to me after the show, and they were, like, ‘Sebastian [Bach], you’ve still got it.’ [Laughs] Yeah, that happened. Then you have the fans who still think that Sebastian is in the band, and then you have the fans who know the whole story.”

Embracing the diverse perspectives, Grönwall expresses understanding for fans yearning for a reunion of the band’s classic lineup.

He explains:

“I understand the fan perspective of wanting the original lineup — I understand that — because I’m a Bon Scott guy myself,” referencing AC/DC’s late singer. “But I think that people are really excited about this new album, and I feel like even the people who want the original lineup are actually starting to approve.”

A Stellar Rendition: “The Trooper”

In a brilliant display of his vocal prowess, Erik Grönwall channels the spirit of Iron Maiden with his cover of “The Trooper.” The iconic song comes alive with Grönwall’s captivating energy and masterful delivery, making it a standout moment for both Skid Row and Iron Maiden fans. The collaboration with producer Jona Tee and guitarist Philip Näslund showcases Grönwall’s versatility and passion for breathing new life into classic rock anthems.

A Remarkable Journey

Erik Grönwall’s journey to Skid Row has been marked by a series of remarkable achievements. A former member of the Swedish hard rock band H.E.A.T., Grönwall’s audition for “Swedish Idol” in 2009 with a Skid Row cover laid the foundation for his future connection with the band. Despite facing personal challenges, including a battle with cancer, Grönwall’s unwavering spirit and talent continue to shine.

Grönwall says:

“In September 2021, I was cancer-free after receiving a bone marrow transplant. Some anonymous wonderful human being somewhere in the world donated his/her blood cells so that I could get a second chance at life. Sometimes I can just get tears in my eyes when I think about it. It’s so beautiful that one person who is not connected to me in any way wanted to do that for me. He/she doesn’t know that the blood cells were for me. It’s completely anonymous.”

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