Ever Wonder Why Brian May Uses Sixpence As His Pick

Queen guitarist Brian May has just released his new single 'New Horizons', on January 2019. The track is May's first solo single in more than 20 years. (Photo by Mairo Cinquetti/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Wait, What?

Back then, there were a lot of great guitarists where we can easily pinpoint who they were because of their tone signatures. But Brian May’s guitar tone is unmistakable, and it arrived in 1974 when they release one of their radio hit single “Killer Queen,” from the Sheer Heart Attack album. Brian’s guitar tone was incredibly epic. Well, for sure, Jimmy Hendrix and Jimmy Page were one of the greats when it comes to guitar tone signature, but, May’s was new at the time, it was exciting, and was dynamically sweet that led every guitarist to search for the secret of the sound.

But what was his secret behind that sweet tone?  – The real secret behind it wouldn’t be much clear until we know the full story right?

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Photo Source: Morrison Hotel Gallery

Well, concerts, shows, and TV footages helped to reveal what’s his secret behind that violin-like sound. One of his secrets behind the tone is the Vox AC30 amplifiers – it played a big part as a formula for Brian May guitar signature, and it still does to this very day, but of course, there’s a lot more into that story. There’s a big secret weapon at the heart of May’s sound.

The big secret is his guitar pick (and keep in mind this is not just an ordinary pick), an extremely unique guitar pick — it’s a “Sixpence British Coin.” Well, guitar picks are a great tool for any guitarist, but they are not always a necessity. Queen’s Brian May uses a British sixpence coin and his incredible career as a guitarist and as a musician is an ample evidence that even the most unexpected things can be used as a tool in the most impressive way.

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Well, Brian May has his reasons for using a coin, and there’s no need to question that because the evidence is already there – GREATNESS!