Ever Wonder Why Sammy Hagar Don’t Use Fenders? – Now We Know

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Since the beginning of rock music, Gibson and Fender have been in contention. Even if every guitar manufacturer has advantages and disadvantages, the top names in music can’t agree on which one is the finest. Sammy Hagar, a former vocalist for Van Halen, has admitted that he favors Gibson and has had a long-standing friendship with the venerable guitar manufacturer.

In a 2022 conversation, mid-70s musician Sammy Hagar discussed his long-standing adoration for the Gibson Les Paul. The experienced artist asserts that everything depends on how the player behind the instrument feels.

“I’m a Gibson Les Paul guy. I can’t play a Fender,” Hagar revealed to The San Diego Union-Tribune. “Vic, my lead guitarist, plays a Fender.”

Every musician has their own approach, and every kind doesn’t suit every piece of equipment. Hagar claims that his Les Paul narrative dates back to his earliest musical endeavors. It would be like a pro athlete transferring to a different discipline if he switched from his Gibson to a Fender.

“For me, playing a Strat is like trying to wrestle a professional wrestler,” Hagar talks about the Fender Stratocaster. “I was raised on Gibson guitars, and my hands feel right when I’m playing one. I have Strats; I just don’t play them.”

Regardless of his personal taste, Hagar like the Fender tone at places like his Las Vegas residency Strat, where he performs regularly. The Fender versus Gibson debate is still a heated one among guitarists, despite the fact that he maintains an openness on which guitar is superior.