Facts About Jeff Lynne

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Jeff Lyne was born as Jeffrey Lynne on 30th December 1947 in Birmingham, Central England. Raised by Phillip and Nancy Lynne — Jeff was one of the lucky kids at the time who was raised by parents who were working in the middle income. 

At an early age, Jeff Lynne was already surrounded by music — his first instrument was introduced by his grandfather, entertaining their grandson and the grandmother on the vocals. It was his family that introduced him to the world of music. Many times, his father would take him to musical concerts and visiting artists which led the young Jeff Lynne to build his urge to pursue music.

Jeff Lyne would also be influenced by media and it has a significant role in his childhood passion. He would hear some of the earliest favorite hits from the radio such as the song ’Only the Lonely’ for the first time in 1961. But the most captivating record he ever heard was from Roy Orbison who captivated his mind for some time — then The Beatles played a role in expanding his interest in music after a few listens from some of the Beatles tracks, he asked his father to buy him a guitar. His father, of course, bought and gave him his first guitar. He got his first guitar when he was still in high school. 

Obsessed with music, Jeff Lynne dropped in school to pursue a career in music. His mother would be infuriated as she dreamed for her son to become a journalist. At fifteen, Jeff formed his first band. 

The band he founded comprised of his close friends Robert Reader and David Walsh, the trio called themselves as Rockin’ Hellcats but renamed to Handicap. They gained quite a popularity and called themselves Andicap, changing their name twice. The first gig they ever had was at a local community center hall in Sharp End.

In 1970, Jeff Lynne with his new band The Electric Light Orchestra, known as ELO. With the band, Jeff made immense success. For a decade, he contributed to the writing and production of their songs and produced an album each in 1971 and 1972. But it was in 1973 that Lynne and ELO got their break. The second album called ELO 2 topped the British billboard charts. It was the start of a legendary career. 

He dreamed of becoming a legendary musician, and in pursuing his passion, today he became the oldest and most famous Rock N roll star in Britain. He received several awards, and in 2014 Birmingham honored Lynne with a star on its Walk of Fame. The following year, one of the inductees on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, and in 2017, Jeff Lynne became a Rock N Roll Hall of Famer.