Fans Can Now Listen To Tom Petty’s Two Previously Unreleased Songs

via @tompetty | YouTube

Tom Petty fans have a reason to celebrate as two previously unheard original songs by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have recently been released. The tracks, titled “What’s the Matter With Louise” and “Mystery of Love,” provide a fresh glimpse into the iconic musician’s creativity and talent.

Exclusive Release on Amazon: “What’s the Matter With Louise”

“What’s the Matter With Louise” is an Amazon exclusive released on what would have been Petty’s 73rd birthday. This track offers a unique opportunity for fans to delve into Petty’s musical world. To mark the occasion, the 2021 film Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free: The Making of Wildflowers has also been made available on Amazon Prime Video, providing an intimate look at the creative process behind Petty’s 1994 album Wildflowers.

Listen to “What’s the Matter With Louise” here.

In the film, director Mary Wharton explores the depth of Petty’s artistry, capturing the essence of his music-making journey. Wharton describes the material as having a “haunted quality” for Petty due to its strength and power. The film includes rarely seen 16mm footage of Petty and his band crafting the Wildflowers album, along with new interviews featuring guitarist Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, and others. Wharton, recognizing Petty’s perfectionism, felt the weight of holding herself to the high standards set by the legendary artist.

Unveiling “Mystery of Love” from the Extra Mojo Version

The second track, “Mystery of Love,” is part of the upcoming expanded edition of the 2010 album Mojo, known as the Extra Mojo Version. This edition promises a deeper dive into Petty’s musical archives, revealing hidden gems from the past. “Mystery of Love” is one of two previously unheard songs from that era that have now been released. Unlike the vinyl version, the digital edition of the reissue contains these exclusive tracks.

A Peek Inside the Heartbreakers Vault Since Petty’s Passing

This recent release is part of a series of unveilings from the Heartbreakers’ vault following Tom Petty’s passing in October 2017. In 2018, the compilation box set An American Treasure was launched, offering fans a treasure trove of unreleased and rare tracks. The following year saw the release of The Best of Everything, which included the previously unheard track “For Real.”

In 2020, Wildflowers & All the Rest hit the shelves, presenting more unreleased songs from Petty’s solo project. Originally intended as a double album, this release allowed fans to experience Petty’s music in its raw and unfiltered form.

Live at the Fillmore 1997: A Historic Recording

Adding to the musical journey, the Heartbreakers also released Live at the Fillmore 1997. This recording captures the band’s exceptional performance during their residency at Bill Graham’s legendary venue in San Francisco. While some of these tracks had circulated as bootlegs online, this box set marked the first official release of these recordings, giving fans a chance to relish the magic of a live Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert.

Listen to “Mystery of Love” below: