Foghat Release New Video “She’s a Little Bit of Everything”

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Legendary rock band Foghat is back in the spotlight with the release of their latest music video, “She’s a Little Bit of Everything.” This exciting video offers fans a sneak peek of their upcoming 17th album, “Sonic Mojo,” set to launch on November 10th. Rock enthusiasts can get a taste of what’s to come by enjoying the video, which is available for viewing.

“Sonic Mojo” represents a significant milestone for Foghat, marking their return to the studio after a seven-year hiatus.

The album holds a special connection to the late Kim Simmonds, the founder and guitarist of Savoy Brown, who passed away in 2022. Foghat’s drummer, Roger Earl, shared insights about Simmonds, describing him as a “blues man” with a remarkable musical touch that resonated deeply.

Kim Simmonds played a pivotal role in Roger Earl’s career, offering him his first big break as a member of Savoy Brown. While Earl and singer “Lonesome” Dave Peverett eventually departed Savoy Brown to form Foghat in 1971, they maintained a lasting friendship and collaboration with Simmonds. The two bands continued to share stages and eventually reunited in the studio.


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During the recording of Foghat’s 2016 album “Under the Influence,” Kim Simmonds expressed his desire to contribute songs to Foghat.

He made a heartfelt proposition to the band:

“We will do as many of your songs as you want, but you have to play on them.” Unfortunately, illness struck Simmonds before this dream collaboration could fully materialize. Nevertheless, Foghat decided to honor his legacy by including three of his songs on “Sonic Mojo.”

“Sonic Mojo” showcases Foghat’s enduring passion for music and their iconic boogie rock style.

The album pays homage to blues legends like B.B. King, Willie Dixon, and Chuck Berry while introducing singer Scott Holt, who joined the band in 2002.

Roger Earl, with more than 50 years of rock and roll experience, remains committed to Foghat’s musical journey, stating:

“As long as I can stay healthy, which I endeavor to do, I’m going to roll till I’m old and rock till I drop.” With the release of “She’s a Little Bit of Everything” and the upcoming “Sonic Mojo,”

You can watch the video below: