Forgotten Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Duet Song Released

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Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton formed a cherished friendship since their first meeting in 1976, and together they created numerous timeless duets, including their most famous collaboration, “Islands in the Stream.” However, hidden within their discography is a forgotten gem titled “Tell Me That You Love Me,” which was recently rediscovered and released for fans to enjoy once again.

Lost and Found: “Tell Me That You Love Me” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

“Tell Me That You Love Me” was recorded approximately 15 years ago for a compilation album that eventually went out of print, causing the song to be lost to fans. Fortunately, the track has resurfaced on Rogers’ posthumous album, “Life Is Like a Song.” This heartfelt duet captures the essence of yearning for love and features Parton and Rogers expressing their desires to rekindle the passionate connection they once shared. With lyrics like “Show me that you need me, like the river needs the early morning rain,” and “Tell me that you love me,” the song beautifully encapsulates the longing for love and affection.


Life Is Like a Song

“Life Is Like a Song” was thoughtfully curated and executive produced by Rogers’ wife, Wanda.

She reflects on the album stating:

“When listening to these recordings, it’s a beautiful reminder that everyone has experiences that these songs describe.”

She emphasizes that Rogers had a unique ability to express the emotions of millions through his music and voice, despite his humble nature and unawareness of his true impact. Alongside “Tell Me That You Love Me,” the album also features previously unreleased tracks such as “Catchin’ Grasshoppers,” a dedication to Rogers’ twin sons, a cover of Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight,” and a collaboration with Jamie O’Neal titled “Straight Into Love.”


The Enduring Friendship of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

Parton and Rogers’ friendship began in 1976 during the filming of Parton’s variety show, where they quickly became close “buddies.” Throughout the years, they shared countless laughs and experiences together. Parton fondly expressed her love for Rogers in her book, “Songteller: My Life in Lyrics,” stating, “I just loved him. We were such kindred spirits.” Despite rumors of a romantic connection, Rogers revealed that Parton had turned down his advances, while she considered him more of a brother. Their bond remained strong until Rogers’ passing, with Parton comparing the loss to that of a beloved sibling.