Freaky Friday Classic: Bon Scott

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Can There Be Another Bon Scott?

It has been nearly four decades since the passing of Bon Scott, one of the greatest rock n’ roll frontman. After his passing, it was hard to imagine if there was any possibility of replacing him, but then again, Brian Johnson stepped up and shock the world and did the task extremely great. In almost 40 years, he fronted for the band and had their commercial success with him, but in 2015 he was forced to quit touring with the band or would risk “total hearing loss.” AC/DC then resumed their “Rock Or Bust World Tour” with Axl Rose replacement for Brian Johnson.

But here’s the thing – What if Brian Johnson turned down the chance to join AC/DC after Bon Scott’s passing. Who could be the possible replacement for the legendary Bon Scott? Here in Rock Pasta’s Freaky Friday: “Bon Scott Edition” we acknowledge that there can be many singers who would be ready to replace Bon Scott in a heartbeat (excluding Dave Evans, Brian Johnson, and Axl Rose). Here are the top candidates for AC/DC’s lead singer position:



3. Judas Priest’s Rob Halford

This guy needs no any kind of introduction. The “Metal God” has already temporarily fronted Black Sabbath back in 1992, and one more time in 2004. There’s no questioning what Halford’s voice can do, — and it is very different than Johnson’s vocals or even Bon Scott’s for that matter. Imagine if Halford replaced Bon Scott back in 1980, there’s no doubt that he could definitely deliver greatness for AC/DC even it’s a temporary basis.



2. Slade’s Noddy Holder

Remember that seasonal roar of “It’s Christmasssss!”?  If Holder has not already been a rock star back in the 80’s, he could have ended up replacing Bon Scott. Actually, AC/DC did offer Holder the job at the time, Holder revealed in 2000, but somehow he turned it down, and ended up with Brian Johnson, who sure sounds exactly like Holder. If only Holder accepted the job back then, —  imagine the legendary things they could have made together.



Airbourne’s Joel O’Keefe


Lzzy Hale



Accept’s Mark Tornillo



Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl



1.1 Jim Bruer

Jim Bruer, the comedian “Metalhead.” If you have been following this guy, he’s known for impersonating a lot of Metal’s legendary frontmen, — the likes of James Hetfield of Metallica, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and Ozzy  Osbourne of Black Sabbath. But his most notably known impersonation was Brian Johnson, he sounded just like him (well, of course, he’s an avid fan of Brian Johnson, so there could be no any possibility for him to replace Bon Scott). – But what if instead of Angus Young choosing Axl Rose for replacing Brian, why not Jim Bruer? He could definitely nail those Brian Johnson’s notes and does it even better than Johnson himself.



1. Krokus’ Marc Storace

Marc Storace was no stranger to the consideration for becoming AC/DC’s frontman. Back in the 80s, like Noddy Holder, Storace turned down the same opportunity for the position left vacant by Bon Scott. And he actually regrets deciding to turn it down up to this day. Listen to his cover of Highway To Hell with QL, —  you’ll be shocked with his voice that will immediately remind you of Bon Scott.