Freaky Friday Classic: Stevie Nicks

A Tough One!

Stevie Nicks is one of the greatest gifts of Rock N’ Roll has given to us, most of her best works go all the way back. — The 1973 album, simply titled, “Buckingham Nicks,” and was later re-recorded as Fleetwood Mac’s debut in 1975 and the rests that came after were just simply astonishing. Stevie Nicks, not only a beautiful human being but was also a great lyricist, timeless musician, and a wonderful vocalist. I don’t think that there is one person that can beat her charismatic and soulful singing, and replace her as the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac.

But, of course, here at Rock Pasta, we consider that “POSSIBILITY.” We acknowledge here at Rock Pasta: Freaky Friday Classic: Stevie Nicks Edition, that there can be similar artists that could possibly replace Stevie Nicks and be as good as her or probably beat her at what she does.


4. Carly Simon

Carly Simon is not only a brilliant singer but a great lyricist who writes her own songs. Carly Simon was a force to be reckoned with. There are multiple reasons that Simon can be a good replacement for Stevie Nick; the innate talent, a unique voice, a past, which includes relationships, sounds familiar right? She got it all, especially the physical beauty, charisma, and the knack for knowing what her fans really want.


3. Linda Ronstadt

We all know that Linda doesn’t sing anymore, but when she does, she can make people fall in love with her. Linda was and still one of the fans favorite female singer. Linda, I think, would be a good replacement for Stevie Nicks if given a chance. She has such a wonderful voice and an unassuming stage presence, kinda like Stevie. She can melt people’s heart just by singing. Something so honest and pure that only can we hear from her.


2. Chrissie Hynde

The female rock vocalist of the band called The Pretenders, and a good friend of Stevie Nicks. She can definitely fit right in, and be a perfect replacement for Stevie. She can totally write wonderful songs, she can play the guitar, and her voice can also convey such emotion when she wants, be it Angy or Sweet tone. The Pretenders will and always will be HER band. But the fact is still intact, that if we were to replace Stevie, Why not choose Chrissie, right?


1. NO ONE!

But well, we’re only talking about the possibilities here. The truth is, no one can ever, ever replace our precious STEVIE NICKS. She will and always be our Fleetwood Mac (and not Christine McVie).

What do you think with our list? Do you think there can be as good as Stevie Nicks and can be a good replacement for her? Comment it down below.