Freddie Mercury’s Last Interview Might Make You Emotional

via Sandra Tivadar/YouTube

Are You Emotionally Ready For This?

It’s been over 25 years since Freddie Mercury’s death. And yet it’s still somehow hard to accept that this man, who didn’t just give us a string of unforgettable classics but also made the world a better place just by being his creative and colorful self, was gone too soon.

And this interview will surely hit you right in the feels. It will remind you that although it was a universal truth how massively talented Freddie was, he was also incredibly humble. And while he transforms into the ultimate showman on stage, he was shy and introverted when he’s not performing.

Also, maybe we can all agree that he kinda looks different sans mustache.

“Well, on stage I just click. To be honest, performing comes quite easily really. It doesn’t take me that much.” – Freddie Mercury

He was a genius through and through. And no one will ever come close to him.