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This Is The Real Life It’s Not Just A Fantasy! 

Since Freddie Mercury’s death 28 years ago, Queen’s remaining members have carefully made Freddie, and their group’s legacy alive. Things they have done for the past two decades were undeniably great without our beloved Freddie. They managed to get reissues, an extraordinary theater musical called “We Will Rock You,” they have toured with Bad Company’s frontman Paul Rodgers, and they have toured worldwide with “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert in Freddie’s stead.

Now, Queen Extravaganza which consists of nine-member has stepped up their game and ready to continue keeping Freddie Mercury and Queen’s legacy alive. The amazing thing about them is that they are assembled and produced by drummer Roger Taylor. Isn’t that incredible?

Queen Extravaganza made their first U.S. debut at Detroit’s Fox Theatre, of course, it’s not a Queen concert, but you can’t tell differently, they are all equally as talented as the original Queen, especially their frontman named Marc Martel.

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Photo Source: NEPA Scene

Each member of the Extravaganza has everything going for and definitely killing it each time they put on a show. They are well-equipped, and their skills are more than enough to please Queen’s fans like you rather have them than no Queen at all. It’s not the real thing, but you gotta give it to them,  they are doing the best they can to simulate and create quite an experience of what it feels like to see a Queen bombastic show and may rock our world for a little while, and honestly, that’s more than enough for me and way better than no Queen.

What you are about to watch is a video of Queen Extravaganza doing a cover of Somebody To Love on American Idol Season 11, keep going for the video below and get acquainted with them!