Ghost Delivers Grandiose Rendition of Genesis’ ‘Jesus He Knows Me’ in New Cover

via Ghost / Youtube

Swedish rock band Ghost has announced a new EP titled “Phantomime” set to release on May 18 via Loma Vista Recordings. The five-song collection is now available for pre-order in various formats. To tease the upcoming EP, Ghost has unveiled a music video for their cover of Genesis’ 1992 single “Jesus He Knows Me,” which is also featured on the EP.

“Jesus He Knows Me” originally appeared on Genesis’ 1991 album “We Can’t Dance.” The song satirizes televangelists who are primarily interested in money. The lyrics are a scathing attack on those who use religion to exploit people’s faith for their own financial gain. “Do you believe in God? ‘Cause that is what I’m selling, and if you wanna get to heaven, well, I’ll see you right,” sings Phil Collins in the original.

The accompanying music video for Ghost’s rendition of “Jesus He Knows Me” is a satirical take on televangelists and their questionable practices. The video begins with a sermon from a fraudulent priest, Father Jim DeFroque, introduced in a separate 30-minute video titled “Jesus Talk With Father Jim DeFroque.” In the sermon, Father Jim urges his congregation to donate generously in the name of the Lord, saying, “Give! Give! Give! Thank you. The Lord thanks you. Jesus loves you, and Jesus loves your donations.”

After the sermon, Father Jim hops into his car, where he plays a “Holy Hits” cassette and blasts Ghost’s metal version of “Jesus He Knows Me” while spending his congregants’ donations on drugs and prostitutes. The video is a clever commentary on the abuses of power and trust that can occur in the name of religion.

In addition to the cover of “Jesus He Knows Me,” “Phantomime” also features covers of Television, the Stranglers, Iron Maiden, and Tina Turner. The EP is a follow-up to Ghost’s 2022 full-length album, “Impera.” The band is currently touring Europe and will be returning to the United States in August for their Re-Imperatour.