Gladys Knight’s Gorgeous Rendition Of The National Anthem- Super Bowl LIII

Youtube / NFL

Knight Brings Old World Grace, Class To Super Bowl Performance

Welp, it’s official: the Empress of Soul had the greatest Super Bowl National Anthem performance of all time.

Period, point blank.

Despite the controversy swirling around this year’s Super Bowl, grace and class reigned supreme as Empress of Soul Gladys Knight made a special appearance before the start of the game to deliver the National Anthem, the latest in a long line of esteemed performers that includes Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and last year’s powerhouse, P!nk.

Ms. Knight, 74 and an Atlanta native, seemingly floated down onto the field decked out in a white dress with sparkly details and a pair of sparkly ankle boots, looking for all the world like America’s fairy godmother here to remind us all to be on our best behavior – for ourselves and for each other.

Joined by members of the United States military and acclaimed performance artist and deaf activist Aarron Loggins, who graciously signed the anthem in honor of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Ms. Knight delivered one of the most classic, powerful renditions of the National Anthem in recent memory, bringing to it the kind of grace and elegance it deserves – and bringing more than a few viewers to tears, while she was at it.

After her performance, Ms. Knight took to Twitter where she graciously thanked the NFL for “allowing me this moment to honor our great nation!”. Fans also took to Twitter, where they hailed her performance and wondered why the rest of the Super Bowl couldn’t have been as unforgettable as Ms. Knight’s performance of the National Anthem:

After last night’s incredible performance, I think it goes without saying: NFL, 2020 might call for a halftime show done by Gladys Knight and the Pips.

“Midnight Train to Georgia,” anyone?