Graham Nash Explains David Crosby’s Dark Side

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Renowned musician Graham Nash recently shared his feelings about the late David Crosby in an interview with the Spectator. Nash, a former member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, candidly discussed the complexities of his friendship with Crosby, shedding light on the “other side” of the iconic rocker.

Nash acknowledged the profound sadness he felt when he learned of Crosby’s passing, emphasizing the deep bond they shared for many years.

However, he chose to focus on the positive aspects of their relationship and the music they created together. He fondly recalled how Crosby had the incredible ability to transform a room into a haven of sunshine and positivity with his presence.

“It [David’s passing] was insanely sad for me, of course. He was my best friend for many years. But I only choose to remember the good times that we had. The good music that we made. Because the other side of David was awful. He could turn a room into a glorious place of sunshine and good feeling, and two seconds later he could destroy that room with a sentence.”

Still, Nash acknowledged that Crosby’s demeanor could change in an instant with a single sentence, leaving a trail of emotional destruction in his wake.


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Despite the challenges they faced Nash revealed that he was prepared to reconcile with Crosby in the days leading up to the rocker’s passing.

He had even scheduled a FaceTime call to reconnect with his old friend. However, the call never came, and Crosby was gone. Nash reflected on the impermanence of life, quoting Crosby’s own lyrics from the song “Long Time Gone” in 1969, stating:

“But we were getting together towards the end of his life. I’d set up a date when we could FaceTime. I waited and waited for the call and it never came, and then he was gone. It’s been a long time coming, it’s going to be a long time gone, as Crosby sang in 1969. ‘It’s the way life is, y’know.’”

Nash also touched upon a voicemail he received from Crosby before his passing.

While he chose not to disclose the contents of the message or Crosby’s final words and wishes, it’s evident that their relationship carried a depth of emotion and history that transcended words.

In addition to sharing his thoughts on Crosby, Nash has been actively pursuing his music career. He recently released a new album titled ‘Now,’ which he described as his most “vulnerable” record to date. Currently, Nash is on tour, captivating audiences across the United Kingdom with his timeless music and heartfelt performances.