Graham Nash Opens Up About His Pact With David Crosby

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In a recent interview with Catalyst, iconic musician Graham Nash delved into the depths of his relationship with his late bandmate, David Crosby, shedding light on a pact that defined their enduring friendship amidst the challenges of the music industry.

The heart of the pact, as Nash revealed, was their commitment to never become victims of the often-tumultuous world of rock’n’roll.

This vow emerged after a rift between the two friends, sparked by a comment Crosby made about one of Neil Young’s relationships. Despite Crosby’s apology, Nash found it difficult to let go of his frustration, leading to a temporary estrangement.

In the interview, Nash explained,

“Me and David made a pact with each other that we would never be victims of rock’n’roll. That we would always keep our eye on the tools that we have to be able to make music, and to make sure that we never lost control of those tools.”


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During their early days in the music industry, Nash reminisced about the stringent rules artists faced.

Engineers held the reins, and even simple requests like adjusting the bass levels required a chain of communication. However, as Nash and Crosby gained fame and influence, they refused to relinquish control over their craft. The essence of their pact remained steadfast: maintaining their artistic autonomy.

When asked about the state of their friendship had Crosby lived, Nash expressed his willingness to reconcile. He shared that if Crosby had approached him to collaborate musically, he would have embraced the opportunity. Despite their differences, there was a mutual understanding and respect, underscoring the depth of their connection.

In the end, despite the challenges and strained moments, Nash’s revelations shed light on the resilience of their bond. The unbroken pact between Nash and Crosby serves as a testament to their shared commitment to the art of music, ensuring that their creative vision would always remain undiluted and true.