Grammy Winner Accidentally Thanked Tom Petty For Sending Flowers

YouTube / TomPetty

Oh Nooo!

Grammy Award winner for Best Rap Album, Cardi B, received an insane floral arrangement after her historical win at the music industry’s most important night of the year. Her confusion as to who sent it was apparent in a since- deleted Instagram post. It’s easy to understand how this mistake happened, despite some blatant facts. Apparently, the rapper was so remorseful and embarrassed over the accident that she de-activated her Instagram account for a while.


The “I Like It,” and “Bodak Yellow” rapper had good intentions thanking the flower sender but received lots of backlash regarding who she thanked. The congratulatory note on the floral arrangement read “You’ve Got A Heart So Big It Could Crush This Town,” with the name Tom Petty directly underneath it. There are two mysteries here: Who sent the flowers? and Why didn’t Cardi remember that the iconic rock musician/ songwriter had passed in 2017?

The lyrics on the floral note are from the 1996 song, “Walls (Circus)” recorded and released by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Obviously, the flowers were not from Tom Petty and most likely not from any of the band members either. It’s hard to fathom why Cardi doesn’t remember (or know) that the genius songwriter is no longer with us.

Twitter fans of Cardi B and Tom Petty had mixed emotions…

After such a big win for Cardi B, there must have been a lot of emotions swirling around in her mind. Mistakes happen but how did this happen? Whether it was excitement, confusion, or lack of an informing team (maybe all of the above)- the Instagram post was a mistake which she was quite regretful of. The backlash was evidently overwhelming and she deleted the post and later de-activated her account (now back on IG).