Grandma Covers I Want To Hold Your Hand With Her Chihuahua

via @Malinda Herman Official | Youtube

Animal videos are sure fun to watch and they’re one of the most viewed videos when it comes to the internet. You can see various cats playing the piano, or a bulldog rocking it out with blues music in the background, and a parrot singing along with AC/DC tune (Nah, just kidding). But anyway, the video below is one of the never seen animal characters over the internet. The sleepiest chihuahua joining its owner, a Grandma, playing the guitar and singing I Want To Hold Your Hand by the Beatles.

While most of the video gallery of animals over social media sites can make you laugh, and sometimes can bring tears of joy, this special video will surely make your heart melt, and make feel jealous of how lucky this Chihuahua to have such a wonderful owner, the Grandma from Thailand.

Keep going for the video below and see the magic!