Grandma Still Rocks The Drum Since 1920 – She’s 106 Years Old Now

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What If The Secret For A Long And Healthy Life Is Drumming?

We should all rejoice because a legendary drummer Viola Smith can still kick it and drum like a beast behind the kit.

She’s now 106-year-old, and still actively beating the drums recently in a Costa Mesa band called Forever Young Band: America’s Oldest Act of Professional Entertainers, Viola, of course, a legend, and had a remarkable career – from jazz, rock n’ roll to modern music and probably beyond!

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She was born as Viola Schmitz on November 29, 1912, in Mount Calvary, Wisconsin. Her entire family were musically inclined and studied piano, and her father, in 1920, asked Viola to form a group with her six sisters together as the Smith Sisters Orchestra.

Viola was also known as “America’s fastest girl drummer,” and still continuing to break barriers, inspiring modern generations of drummer and of course, never stopping to do what she loves most – DRUMMING.

Regarding here longevity, Viola shared her secret:

 “I’m a drinker, but definitely always in moderation,“ she explained in an interview. “Even Dad: he had a tavern in his nightclub in Wisconsin. He’d even bring kids in the family wine. So, we’d have wine (with) dinner.  I still drink wine now.”

“I was on a plane with a man who sold liquor next to me.  He said the people who drink wine extend their lives by three years, by drinking wine every day.  Not in excess! I was very happy to hear that!”

“Red wine is better for you than white wine.  But white wine is also good for you. So, I always drink a glass of wine. But just one glass. It used to be two. But now it’s one.”

What you have read is about a grandma who can still kick ass and beat you behind the kick at the age of 106.

Keep going for the video below and be mesmerized how amazing she was back in her day: