Guitarist Explores The Most Insane Guitars Ever Made

via Rob Scallon / Youtube

When we talk about the electric guitar, we could say that we are talking about a group of instruments, instead of a single one. No other instrument has enjoyed the dominance of the electric guitar, and the different types cover a wide range of different genres and styles.

Sure, with this variety, it can be difficult to determine which of the many types of the electric guitar will be a good fit for your needs. In the video below, a YouTuber/Guitarist named Rob Scallon explores the craziest guitars ever made.

We can’t express how much We appreciated everything about this video. Rob’s energy is contagious, and MAB Michael Angelo Batio as a surprise guest comes off as a genuinely kind guy: You’re gonna enjoyed it when he remarked, “I’ve not heard anyone do anything with a clean sound, that sounded beautiful.” It’s like a 20-minute appreciation of the pleasure of guitar playing and seeing it will get you extremely emotional.

Keep going for the video below: