Guitarist Explores The Underrated Riffs Of AC/DC

via Rob Galley / Youtube

Over the course of their five-decade existence, the Australian band had to go through hell and high water, hitting the darkest moments and achieving the most victorious of heights.

Many regard them as among the most iconic rock ‘n’ roll groups the planet has ever seen, and with over 200 million albums sold around the world, they are also regarded one of the most commercially successful groups of all time.

AC/DC have preserved their reputation as mainstream radio mainstays thanks to the talent of Angus and Malcolm Young, and it’s difficult to go a day listening to a FM radio without hearing ‘Highway To Hell’ or ‘Back In Black’ at least once.

Rob Galley, an online guitarist whose YouTube channel has hit 10,000 followers, provides his take on undervalued AC/DC riffs below. Best of all, he demonstrates how to execute them.

“For this video I got to use my brand new Angus Young signature Gibson SG guitar,” Rob Galley said in the description. “I recently picked this up and I love it.”

Keep going for the video below: