Guitarist Made The Longest Guitar In The World – You Have To Hear It

via BERNTH / Youtube

Innovation knows no bounds, and YouTube sensation Bernth is here to prove it. This inventive guitarist has just unveiled what he claims to be the world’s longest guitar in his latest video, and it’s not only a visual marvel but a sonic sensation.

If you’re not familiar with Bernth, here’s a quick introduction: This musician, who also goes by Bernth professionally, has been gaining recognition as one of the most captivating musical experimenters on YouTube. His previous videos have showcased his knack for pushing the boundaries of guitar design. In just a few months, he’s crafted a 24-string guitar, a guitar strung with dental floss, and even a neckless guitar. Now, he’s taken on a new challenge—stretching the limits of traditional guitar fretboards.

In his latest video, as reported by Guitar World, Bernth unveils the “World’s Longest Guitar.”

But here’s the twist—it’s not a single continuous fretboard; it’s three distinct fretboards in one extraordinary instrument.

The first section is a regular acoustic guitar with a capo, providing a familiar foundation.

In the middle, there’s a fretless rubber band neck with another capo, introducing a unique twist. Finally, just before the headstock, there’s a low-tuned rubber band guitar. It’s a remarkable amalgamation of traditional and unconventional.

In the video, Bernth showcases not only the instrument but also his musical prowess by performing his original composition, “Infinite.”

What’s even more fascinating is that he presents himself “cloned” three times to demonstrate each part of the guitar, creating a visual and auditory spectacle.

As you listen to the mesmerizing sounds emanating from this extraordinary creation, Bernth poses a question to his viewers: “Can you hear all three guitar necks in the mix?” Each section contributes something unique to the composition, showcasing the versatility of this awe-inspiring instrument.

Bernth’s “World’s Longest Guitar” is not only a testament to his creativity but also a reminder that music has the power to transcend boundaries and redefine what’s possible. It’s a must-hear and must-see marvel that highlights the endless potential for innovation in the world of music.