Guitarist Perfectly Captures Jimmy Page’s Moves And Guitar Playing

via GiZi / Youtube

A Carbon Copy You Have To See

Your eyes are deceiving you. This isn’t the legendary Jimmy Page that is suddenly rendered to the modern times but a modern guitarist that’s trying to learn the style of the past. Jack Boaden is an English guitarist that is slowly being recognized and followed in Instagram for his almost perfect impersonation and guitar playing of Jimmy Page. People who see his videos actually argue if he’s Jimmy Page’s son and people have been talking from left to right on how they will receive the talents of Jack.


Just to give you a taste of what he can do, let’s start with this first video with him playing a 1956 Les Paul.


So what do you think? He even gets Page’s moves.

Here’s the video that got people arguing and fighting about him being Jimmy Page’s son. Even we were confused if we’re seeing a remastered footage. lol!


This kid really made an impression in the classic rock community. And in his very newly found fame, we couldn’t wait to know more about the kid’s talent. Good thing we were able to find this video from ‘winewithdave’ from Youtube of him interviewing Jack Boaden. Watch it below.



It’s always a good time to see new and fresh talents that stems from true rock n’ roll. Hopefully Jack Boaden evolves into a musician where rock n’ roll can still rock out. Maybe someday we can get to see him and Jimmy Page jam. Who knows.

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