Guitarists Tries The Most Ridiculous Kickstarter Guitar Products

via samuraiguitarist / Youtube

Kickstarter has become a popular platform for inventors and entrepreneurs to bring their innovative ideas to life. However, not every product that emerges from the crowdfunding platform lives up to its promises. In the realm of guitar products, there have been some truly outrageous and questionable offerings. One YouTuber, Samurai Guitarist, took it upon himself to test and review some of the most ridiculous Kickstarter guitar products, highlighting their flaws and debunking their extravagant claims.

Among the products that Samurai Guitarist encountered, the X Pick stood out as particularly absurd. This guitar pick boasted various effects and features that supposedly enhanced the player’s performance. However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that the X Pick fell short on multiple fronts. The guitarist pointed out the lack of actual features in the pick, rendering it essentially indistinguishable from a regular pick. Additionally, the effects attributed to the X Pick, such as a tremolo sound, could easily be replicated using a common household magnet.

Samurai Guitarist didn’t hold back in his critique of the X Pick. He labeled it an overpriced “smooth pick,” implying that its price tag far exceeded its actual value. Furthermore, he questioned the scientific basis provided by the company behind the X Pick, highlighting the lack of substantiated evidence supporting its claims. In an attempt to deflect negative feedback, the company resorted to attributing any criticism to the guitarist’s supposed lack of practice, which further raised eyebrows regarding the legitimacy of the product.

While it’s not uncommon for innovative guitar accessories to emerge on crowdfunding platforms, it’s essential for consumers to approach these offerings with a healthy dose of skepticism. The allure of revolutionary guitar products can be enticing, but it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction and critically evaluate the claims made by inventors and companies. As Samurai Guitarist’s review demonstrates, not all products deliver on their promises, and some may even fall into the realm of absurdity.

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